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I bought a very cheap rosewill usb adapter for an old laptop that doesn't often get used, but it was the last device on "g" on the network and wanted to make sure everything was on "n" After install I found it only to connect at 65 mbps. After looking around it seems that this has to do with only using 20mhz. Thats where things get a little grey on how to get it to connect at 150(i know throughput will be severly less, but if I'm going to upgrade to N I would like it to be a few times faster than g.
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  1. What os and what service pack.If XP make sure you have service pack 3.
  2. It is on an xp sp3 machine. Referencing Rosewills website there is a note about possibly only being able to achieve G speeds on certian levels of encryption. Could this be the issue?
  3. What encryption are you using WEP or WPA WPA2?
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