Cnet cwr-854 connection refused

need help accessing my router's web page setup,
I can ping gateway for about 5 seconds and lose the Ethernet connection.
On IE nothing happens.
Is there any tool I can use to find the router address or update firmware or restore factory default settings.
I've already tried using the reset button and didn't work.
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  1. The router should not be at the 254 address, should be .1 almost all the time.

    Unless you played around with manual IP settings the default gateway for the computer is the router IP.

    Start a command prompt, Start > Run > type in CMD hit enter, type in ipconfig, hit enter. The default gateway should be the router.
  2. thanks for the reply, is the default gateway I get from the router, I already tried and didn't work.
    when I try the .1 it takes 2 minutes searching and stops, but when i try .254 it stops almost immediately, as if it was being blocked by the router.
    any other idea how to fix the problem?
  3. The gateway should be the router, do a factory reset on the router, should be back to factory default IP which would be for most brands. The reset button should work, you may need to hold it in for a bit, check the manual. Some routers have a reset button that acts like a reboot rather than a factory restore.
  4. I have used the reset button dozens of times in different ways and nothing happened, and this router doesn't blink the lights when I press the reset button, so I can't be sure if I'm doing it the right way.
    The manual doesn't explain how to use the reset button.
    I tried to go to the manufacture's website and it's down.
  5. this is not the answer I was looking for.
    About 5 years ago my friend had the same problem with another router and he fixed the problem by using a program that could access the router and reset it to factory default settings or upgrade the firmware.
    my friend or I don't remember the programs name, maybe someone here knows a program that could do the same thing.
  6. Any more ideas?
    I only need this router to do some network testing, so I am not interested in spending any more money on another router.
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