Device or resource not responding

"Computer appears to be configured properly but the device or resource ( is not responding"

It's not the DNS cause that's all properly set and i've double checked, restarted computer and did a virus scan with security essentials.. came up with nothing. I"m connected to the router, just not the internet and when i go into my router and disable firewall it gets rid of the yellow triangle caution symbol and says internet access.. but i can't do anything.. i've searched and read alot with no results..
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  1. basically to add onto this, my internet was working this morning and i left my computer on then went to school, then when i came back i had like 700 windows saying my external hardrive needed to be reformatted when it didnt and i closed all of them then the internet wasnt working and i decided to restart.. still wasnt working.. tried billions of things and here we are. Really annoyed me and an unresponsive community...
  2. update on this: i can connect to my brothers phone acting as a router but not ours.... so... i dont know and he said he doesnt either. would apreciate help. The internet works on it as well (typed from PC)
  3. problem is still here...
  4. I'm pretty sure it's not my computer now as i've reinstalled it completely.. I still donot gain internet access through the network.. only my brothers router phone. I'm thinking its the router blocking my connection.. I really don't know. I'm not getting any help or freedback from here either.
  5. Does nobody know? Like come on.... I'm the only person not recieving anything in return.
  6. Still no replies i see... Well anyway, It seems i can connect to the router via ethernet cord but not wireless.. And i can't keep using ethernet because its not mine and it gets in the way because of how stretched out it needs to be. Wireless = Not work, Wired = Work.. I"m hoping this is enough info for SOMEONE to come by and figure out whats wrong.. Also, at first when i connect to the router via wireless it says internet acess for a minute then goes away.. during that time i cannot do anything still. I tried pinging some things but no reply.
  7. Did you ever solve this? I am currently having the same problem.
  8. I had the same problem. I fixed this by clearing the dns cache. So what u have to do is this:

    Go to start menu -> type CMD to the search bar -> run the CMD as administrator.

    Now type in these lines:


    Now restart your computer and check the result.

    Hope this helps.
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