Trouble installing windows 7 on brand new pc

This is a brand new pc without on os.

I have tried to install windows 7 from a burned copy but with 3 different disks i always get stick at the same part. it gets to a poin after I have the option of creating partitions in my hard drive where it says "Expanding windows files" after a bit of a wait a message pops up saying windows cannot install required files make sure all files are available and restart windows.

Im not sure if im doing something wrong in the burning process (i just choose burn iso)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

If you need any info just post ill pay close attention here for a few hours
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  1. Bad Burn
  2. Ive tried 5 different disks... i don't know if my dvd burner is bad or something but is there any other way to do it?
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    You've burned multiple times? Are you sure the original file isn't corrupted?
  4. Thanks for all the help everyone offered i eventually got it to work with a usb drive, I suppose ill have to look at my burner and see if theirs something wrong with it...

    burns videos fine though so idk

    Btw im posting off my new pc and its working great!
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