Window 8 messed up my core cpu readout

don't know if someone got the same problem that i have. Installed window 8 consumer preview. everything works fine. Under task manager, it shows up i have an 8 cores processor. Core i7 920, 1st generation doesn't have 8 core. Cpuz readout also messed up. telling me I'm running at 21 multiplier, even though the speed step had been turned off. I tried to update bios, and install window 7 back into a brand new SSD drive. after installation, I've the same problem, window 7 under task manager, it tells me i've an 8 core processor. Weird thing I ever encountered. please help.
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  1. Not sure why it's reading the 21 multiplier... check the BIOS and make sure it's reading the same thing. You have 8 logical cores in that chip though, unless you turned off Hyper Threading. That part is reading correctly.
  2. Thx for replying. I'm a newbie, I don't know if you can post pic in here. I will let you see what's wrong with it. Under task manager right side where it stated "CPU Usage History" it suppose to be 4 threads. Now after installation of window 8, I got 8 of them. It's weird, even Everest posted 4 core, 8 threads running @ 2.67ghz. On core temp, real temp, and HWmonitor posted 4 core.

    After I install window 7 back with a clean hard drive, my computer crashed. Got a brand new ssd installed window 7 again. Under task manager it still say i've 8 of them.

    This computer had been OCing to 4.1ghz since 2009. I turned off the OC feature went window 7 crashed. Now the window 7 is stable and bios up-to-date, OC doesn't work anymore. Every time I run prime 95 it freezes, and I have to go back into the bios to pump up the cpu, and QPI voltage 3 times and it still fail. On the ocing part, I didn't change anything. I used the same setting that was stabled for the past 3 years.

    CPU-Z info readout was correct, one minor problem. On lower right hand where core and threads displace, I got 4 cores, 8 threads. I know that is wrong for sure, b/c older core i7 920 is 4 cores 4 threads. not 8. Even after updating the bios and install window 7 on a new ssd drive i still have the same problem. Window 7 task manager keep telling me I have 8 threads. I have never see 8 hyper threading in my task manger before, only time i saw this b/c I installed window 8. Must be a bug in it. Please help.
  3. 1. i7 920 is a hyperthreading enabled processor. Unless you purposely disabled HT then it is enabled by default. 4 core 8 thread is the correct readout.

    2. I dont know what to tell you about the overclock. You may have had an aggressive overclock and damaged the stability of the processor.
    Unless by up-to-date bios you mean recently updated, which in that case could mean the newest bios broke overclocking.
  4. I have a first gen i7 920 and CPU-Z shows cores 4 threads 8 and has done from day one. As you state your system was OC'd before maybe you had hyperthreading switched off and that's why it was only showing 4 threads previously.
  5. Thx for replying guys. Does it make any different if the hyper threading switched off? Do i need to turn it on? Also, when it comes to ocing, which way is better? turn on hyper threading or turn off? thx for all your comments. Also, when I 1st build the computer. I use the default mode for about 2 months before I started to OC. In those times, the default mode doesn't enable hyper threading. I'm sure b/c every time I check task manager always show 4 cores that's it. Now after this incidence the default mode shows 4 cores and 8 threads. If someone stated the default mode always post 4 cores and 8 threads. Well, doesn't until now. After the oc, I just throw away the key and never look back at the computer. My bad I didn't know it was 4 cores and 8 threads. In the three freaking years, when oc fail to post or when I use the default mode it never show up as 4 core and 8 threads.
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