Windows 7 wont boot from disk on desktop

Okay, so the issue I have is that windows 7 wont boot from the disk. It does on my laptop but does not on my desktop. I was forced to re-install windows 2000 because its the only windows I had at home and a downloaded iso was missind the dvd driver and couldnt continue with the install... I waited to borrow another burnt disk from my uncle which works on every computer I try it on accept for the desktop which is the one not working! Ive done the correct boot from disk paths and it just sits at the loading screen but never asks to press any key... HELP! <3 thanks in advance
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  1. Dirty DVD drive on the desktop?
  2. no, any other disk works fine. Accept the windows 7 disk, which works only on other computers...
  3. I had the same problem.
    I tested the DDR Memory and it turned out it had a couple of bad blocks.
    Download this tool (it's free)
  4. switched ram, no dice
  5. Have you tried wiping the disk with DISKPART, and starting over.

    If the Windows 7 install disk does boot, you should be able to do this.

    Does the Windows 7 disk boot, just not install? Or does it get stuck t at the graphical "orbs?"
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