Help! Can no longer connect to the internet.

Hi, I just built a new computer, and I am using a usb wireless adapter for connecting to the internet. Everything worked fine yesterday, but today when I turned the computer on, it said that there was no wireless network available. I haven't moved it from yesterday, where its signal strength was in the green. The adapter has a green light on and it is recognized by the computer, but it will not find my network. I am running Windows XP, and the router is a TP-Link TL-WN722NC / TL-WN722N. How can I connect to the internet? Thanks.
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  1. First lets work on connecting your computer to Wireless LAN. You say your computer recognizes the adapter but does not show your AP's SSID. Confirm that the adapter is recognized by looking under device manager. Next log into your router and confirm that your router is setup to broadcast its SSID.
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