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Hi, I'm sure many of you own Lian-Li cases, and I agree, that is the one I'm going to get as well, which model yet, has to be determined.

My question is, I heard somewhere that Lian-Li cases have trouble with some certain brands of power supplies, such as Enermax, or perhaps just PS's with dual fans. The trouble being is they have to be installed upside down? Different holes drilled?

I'm just curious if anybody could recommend a brand of PS that fits the Lian-Li cases nicely, (that is if I heard correctly that there was problems). Specifically the PS I want is an Antec Truepower 430W. Most stores stock the Enermax, but I heard Antec is better, more consistant voltage or some such...(I'm not planning to OC BTW)...!
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  1. I don't think you will have this kind of problem anymore
    if you get a new Lian-Li case, and also a new Enermax PSU
    mine fits well.

    (mine: Lian-Li pc60, Enermax 350W fan speed adjustable)

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  2. I did not have problem install an Enermax PSU into my Lian Li case. Antec old PSU is not nearly as good as other name brand PSU. Antec's TruePower PSU is a lot better old one but Enermax PSU is still better.
  3. Thanks silly_rabbit, I guess it must have been a problem with the old Lian-Li cases...especially when the dual fan PSU's came out, makes sense, since dual fan style is rather a new thing with PSU's, now I see a PSU with a triple fan, don't know the brand though. How many fans does one need these days...:-) (not only that the Lian-Li cases themselves come with 3 case fans! Then add a fan for the CPU itself, and video card and perhaps the HD!
  4. Thanks upec, and it seems people are pretty divided down the middle on the newer Antec PSU (Truepower's), and Enermax. Seems to be hard core believers on each side. An overclockers forum I was checking out seemed to thing Antec's were better since they had a better "rail" voltage or it was more consistant (whatever that all meant)...:-)
  5. The only problem you may have with enermax would be that you would have to remove the fan grill temporarily when you slide it in. Then you can put it back on.

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  6. I like the antecs not just for the true power, but because they automatically change the speed of the fans based on the temp, and as far as I know all enermax fans have to be manually changed, am I correct?
  7. I believe some are manual and some are auto. Just depends on the model.

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  8. Actually I don't know about that, maybe start another thread and see if anybody can help you. I checked around a bit and couldn't find any info other than what you already know about these power supplies. I saw a few Enermax fans with no adjustable switch on them, but that doesn't mean that the fans will auto adjust, either. My old PS from 3 years ago will adjust it's fan automatically, I'm not sure why Enermax would put on a manual adjustment, it's not like it's a big deal to auto adjust, or any more expensive to make one. Could be a reason I suppose...that reason being? I don't have a clue...
  9. Enermax PSU's fan is very quiet so automatically change the speed of the fans is not neccessory.
  10. What model is automatic?
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