LAPTOP very slow

Dear all,
I am using DELL N5010 Windows 7 OS. But my laptop performance is very slow.
I have run c cleaner.
Still problem persists.

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  1. What do you mean when you say slow?

    What is your windows performance index; have you run any programs like PCmark Vantage, or 3dmark?

    All are free and if you tell us your scores it will help us to better diagnose your issue. Also have you tried a clean install of windows 7?

    How long has your OS been slow? Did it happen after you installed a program?
  2. Scan your computer for any Virus using the anti virus installed in your laptop.If your virus free, there are a couple things you can do get your computer working faster. If you using your computer for normal stuff and not gaming. You don't always need more RAM you just need to perform a few maintenance task.
  3. A few things you can check is:

    How much of your total memory used when running the apps you usually have running. If this amount is too close to the maximum capacity you have to focus on limiting what is going on on your computer in a passive state.

    How much of the total hard drive is being used. You should at least have a gigabyte or 2 free.

    If you have defragmented the harddrive lately(providing its a HDD and not SSD). I can recommend Auslogics Disk Defrag(

    Did you run the registry clean in CCleaner?

    Sometimes your drivers can have an influence on performance, check the manufacturer site for the latest drivers.
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    Since you have not bothered to post any other info, gonna take a stab in the dark and say buy a new laptop.
  5. DELL N5010 with an i3 or i5 and 4GB of ram is more than enough to run W7.

    I suggest you make a set of backup dvd's, download all the drivers.

    Download a free ISO of W7 x64 Home Premium,

    burn and install using the key that came with your PC, install drivers.

    Now you have a sparkling speedy new pc with none of the bloatware crap Dell installs to get a few $$ back from 3rd party companies.
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