Strange behavior of RTL8187L on Windows


I have Msi Wind u100 netbook. I just bought rtl8187L chipset internal wifi card. My problem is i cant make it activated through Fn+F11 combo.
This is what i observed.,
1. I cant activate it (Fn+F11 combo) in both linux and windows xp. I can use it normally (connect to internet) on linux. I checked and there is no soft or hard block on it.
2. On windows, i downloaded its driver from official realtek site, i tried both beta and stable version (there are only 2 version). In both cases, it is installed successfully, it searches for APs but none is found. It is because i cant make it activate through key combo, i suppose.
3. On windows, in device manager, windows sees this card as usb wifi somehow. I think that's why it cant be activated. There is no extra configuration settings in bios for this issue

My question is this, how can i use this card in windows, there is no hardware block on it, in device manager it is not disabled, it can search for APs but i cant make the wifi led on due to some reason, but it works perfectly fine under linux. Is there a workaround?
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  1. If the OS sees the card, installs the drivers, and even attempts to scan for wifi networks, it's working/activated. Some internal cards also install as USB devices, that's not uncommon, and doesn’t affect its usage.

    So everything you've described so far tells me it's working. I can't tell you why it's not finding wifi signals, but I do know it's working.
  2. I can recall that while using my previous wifi card (internal rtl8187se), when i forget to turn the wifi led on (using that key combo), it showed the same behavior. It could scan for APs, everything seemed normal but no AP was found.

    I am thinking that maybe there is a manual way to connect to APs (on windows xp), maybe using command window or using some software other than windows zero config? If i try windows 7, would it be the same problem? Any suggestions?
  3. Most wireless adapters come w/ their own configuration utility (rather than using Windows Zero Configuration). Did you try that?
  4. Yes i tried that. I should also add that in that utility, it shows "Radio HW Off" is ticked and greyed out, i couldnt untick it. So i assume that is the problem. I also tried repair function, restart etc. things that i could think of
  5. Try stopping the Windows Zero Configuration service, see if perhaps now you can enable the radio.

    Windows key + R, type "services.msc" (no quotes), hit enter.
  6. I stopped Windows Zero Config as you told, i restarted realtek wireless utility i also hit repair function to be sure. It is still greyed out.
  7. You said you downloaded the driver and installed it. Try uninstalling it and letting Windows find the driver itself and install it.
  8. I also tried that :D . Windows xp couldnt find its driver. Maybe Windows 7 could have found it if these drivers are wrong. As last resort i will install windows 7
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