Weirdly high ping on direct ethernet connection


I bought new Lenovo IdeaCentre H430 pc and I'm having problem with high pings.
Windows 7 with on-board realtek NIC. Fresh install, fully updated, drivers installed from included CD.
I start pinging router (direct 1GB ethernet connection, 1 hop), pings start at <1ms (which is fine) and after a while they jump to 300-1000ms.

I loaded up live ubuntu to test if the problem might be in HW. It's not, in ubuntu pings were <1ms always.

I also noticed that when I start using connection somehow, pings go down to 1ms, but go back up when I stop using it (tested by accessing live camera feed on LAN).

Power Options set to max performance.
I disabled Interrupt Moderation on the NIC, didn't help.
I tested it in the safe mode with networking, same problem there.

It slows down our client-server based programs and I have no idea what's causing it. All I could google up was that disabling Interrupt Moderation would help, it didn't though. Anyone had similar problems?
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  1. For future googlers:

    Problem was solved by installing different driver (not the one windows installed by default, nor the one included on the CD that came with the pc). Concretely driver for RTL8168E, while (as far as I can say) the actual NIC is RTL8167. It seems to work so far though.
  2. Thank you for posting this, same machine type with a very similar problem fixed by the same driver

    obviously something is wrong with the Lenovo H430 PC network driver

    very hard to diagnose remotely as the act of connecting in made the PC work at full speed
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