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Hey Guys,
I want to mount 4 case fans in my case, but there's only a spot for one intake and one exhaust, if I mount them on top of each other will this still improve cooling?
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  1. If you aren't good with dremel tools I suggest you get a larger case already modified. Look here at a large selection of choices <A HREF="" target="_new">Directron</A>

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  2. I'm hoping to upgrade probably to an Elite case, but for now do you know what the effect (Pos or NEg) is of mounting 2 fans on top of each other, assuming same direction, etc so they don't cancel each other out.
  3. A better solution would be install a more powerful fan then installed more fans.
  4. Yes, stacking fans can help flow because the second fan can spin faster with the positive pressure behind it, while the first spins faster with the lower pressure in front of it. I hear it's worth about 20% increased airflow. Of cours, you could just get more powerfull fans to begin with.

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