Internet only fast after restart

My internet has been unbearably slow after its been going for a while, but it's really fast after I restart my computer.

So here is my Speedtest results right after I restart my computer (everything is fast. browsing, downloading, etc.):

And here are my results after my computer has been running a few minutes:

As you can see, the ping increases a lot, and the DL drops by about 8Mb/s.

From what I can tell, no noticeable programs are starting up when this happens, and under the Task Manager>Networking, it says 0% Utilization when I'm not doing anything, so I don't think any programs are using up my bandwidth. I also already scanned for viruses.

Any help?
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  1. Alright, well it actually looks like I've solved it by deleted random processes that looked suspicious, and one of them sped my internet up and lowered my ping somehow...I won't question it ^_^

    but another problem that I've had for a long time, whenever I'm downloading files at high speed (such as on Steam), my internet crashes and I'm forced to reboot the router and modem.

    What would be the cause of this, and how would I fix it?
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