Soundblaster Audigy "SB1394"

i own a soundblaster Audigy player and would like to know if the is anybody who could tell me if the is a possibility to use the internal "SB1394" (J6) connector as an additional IEEE 1394 / firewire port
something like a pinlayout for this connectot might be usefull
but please don't tell me to kontakt creative labs ...
i tried it ... the knew nothing/didn´t want to tell me
so all i know is that this connector is normaly used for conneting the external extension of the "audigy ex"
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  1. It's a standard FireWire port, Creative just renamed it.

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  2. the external yes...

    but the internal has an 9 pin conection
    a friend of mine found this somewere in the net

    "I am all but certain that this is the correct pinout for the Audigy's internal 9-pin sb1394 connector. I ended up taking a guess at the polarity on the A/B +/- pins, got it on the second guess. (No smoke, no foul). I'm assuming VP is correct at pins 7 & 8, as they are tied together and are the only pins remaining after the other 5 signals are accounted for.
    My minidv cam works perfectly over my Antec case's front-panel firewire port (wired as per the following info) using a standard 6/4 cable. Since it is a 4-pin cable, VP is not being used -- I could be wrong on it, but don't see how. So, use this at your own risk. Wait for Creative to unearth the pinout if you want to play it safe. That said, it works for me. :)

    1 3 5 7 9 (3/4/9 are tied)
    2 4 6 8 x (7/8 are tied)

    1 tpa-
    2 tpa+
    3 vg/gnd
    4 vg/gnd
    5 tpb-
    6 tpb+
    7 vp/power
    8 vp/power
    9 vg/gnd
    x (no pin)"

    could anybody tell me if it is ture or false ??
  3. thak you
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