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Do Floppy Drive Fans Exist??

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August 12, 2002 7:13:35 PM

I plan on building a brand new PC based on Shuttle's new "mini" PC case w/ AGP slot.

From all of the reviews I've seen that there is a possible overheating problem at the front of the PC where the HD & DIMMs reside.

I want this to be my main box and have it on 24/7, but i'm wary of the increased heat.

I know i've seen fans that go into 5 1/4" bays, but since I'll be using the single 5 1/4" bay for a DVD-RW drive, I was wondering if I could use the 3.5" bay instead.

So...are there floppy drive bay fans that I can buy? I've done some searching but haven't come across jack.

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January 6, 2003 11:35:43 AM

wow, Now that I read this I realize what those minature fans lying around my junk pile could be usefull for, so I don't know if you can buy them anywhere anymore, but I do have two fans that would be about that height, and are rather fat (thick) too, I think 3 would fit nicely, all I can suggest is search around secondhand places, maybe old (OLD OLD OLD) laptop parts, etc.

good luck!
January 6, 2003 4:14:28 PM

So you would be looking for a 25mm fan? Well I never saw one of 25mm... but Titan makes fans of 30mm so perhaps they exist. As suggested they may be used in Laptops.

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January 7, 2003 12:29:48 AM

well there are two types you know.
Vertically or horizontally mounted drive bay fans.

with 5.25" drive you usually get 2 or 3 40mm fans mounted vertically in a row or one 90mm fan mounted horizontally.

coolers do exist for 3.5" bays, but only horizontally mounted.

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January 7, 2003 5:22:36 AM

It's pretty simple actually, just use the concept of a centrifugal blower.. Use an 80mm fan (it fits almost perfectly if you lie it flat, airflow pointing downward. Then cute out one side of the fan (this is the side you're going to have facing out of the 3 1/2" drive bay). now simply cover the top of the fan (the side that usually intakes the air) so that air is forced in through the side you cut open, and then downwards. If you'd like, I can draw it out for you, just ask.

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