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FS: Sonic Solutions D/A A/D Converter

Last response: in Home Audio
August 28, 2004 4:48:44 AM

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Well, I finally got around to really playing with my Sonic Solutions D/A
A/D converters and figured out that the balanced output/input is a
pretty standard pinout so I made some cables and they work great. Since
I have two and only really need one, the other is for sale:

Stereo balanced input/output (5pin XLR)
44.1/48khz sampling rates, I think it will sync to others also
BNC Word Sync connector
Optical input/output
Aux optical input/output

Basically it this is a very nice D/A A/D box. Feed it a digital source
and it will sync to the input and send analog out on the balanced
output. Easy, the reverse is the same for analog->digital except that
you get to select the sampling rate. Quite heavy for their size which
is indicative of their build quality. I opened mine up and was very
impressed with the layout and production of the circuit board. If needed
I can include a male/female set of Switchcraft 5pin XLR connectors or a
set of the XLR-RCA unbalanced adapters that I soldered together. Any
reasonable offer gets it.

Please email me with any questions.

November 15, 2008 12:06:51 PM

Hi Mike! I'm Claudio from Italy where i can find an owner's manual of the Sonic Solution a/d converter i've many troubles with the small set of switches on the right of the appareil. Thank you in advance