My pc is typing by itself. or someone has hacked me? please help!

today i turned on my pc and left it for awhile. when i came back to the room the internet explorer was opened and in the google search someone typed "hi brian"! i closed the internet explorer then!,after awhile i went surfing the internet, then my mouse pointer took control of itself and closed the internet explorer which i was using, and opened up a notepad and asked me questions!!
it said : "HI BRIAN

weird isnt it? is this a virus or has someone hacked my pc?
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  1. Yeah someone has you Ratted

    Which means they can see EVERYTHING you do so don't log into any important websites

    They can basically use your computer right now just as well as you can. My advice: Reinstall your OS if you don't know anything about removing RATs as it can be very complicated and dangerous to falsely think you're safe

    He can also view your webcam and microphone by the way

    Back up your files and reinstall your OS asap
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    My first thought is that they've installed some type of VNC-type software on your logmein free or uvnc server.

    You can restart in safe msconfig and see if anything is autostarting (startup and services tab), and disable anything sketchy.

    If you aren't familiar with msconfig, this may be too advanced a step for you.

    The most base thing you can, at least, to run add/remove programs (XP) or programs and features (Vista/7) and try to uninstall programs you don't use or that have 'vnc' in the name if you haven't installed them.

    Best of luck!
  3. Alternately, you can ask "who is this" next time they take over. Maybe it is someone you know.


    Worth a shot. Just in case, though, I'm with zeffolia...avoid secure sites and important private information sending. They could have (in addition to screen viewing/control) keylogging software watching what you type or even taking sporadic screen-shots.
  4. disconnect from the net do a virus test in safe mode without network and also use malwarebytes, the other parts uncheck in contol panel under system use a distance
  5. Just hope to God you dont get green streaming characters running down your monitor and have to make a choice between a blue or a red pill.
  6. take it to the police cyber crimes unit, and let them catch this bastard before doing anything.
  7. there is is a program called jump desktop installed in my pc. its a vnc software. my brother installed it. could it be the reason? thankyou for your help people.
  8. you could disconnect it when you use the computer see this so it wont bother you
  9. i uninstalled it. now it doesnt bother me. thankyou people!!
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