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Hello guys Hope you could answer me with my queries regarding on networking... I have internet in our villa and all of us live in different room, since my company decided to renovate our villa so, all of their cables will be cut to give way to the expansion of our staff housing villa. I want to put up a wireless network before the construction will start what best router should I buy with higher range... is it possible to install password with my wireless router in order to keep the others to get connected for free...
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  1. Standards are pretty much set so brand does not matter, though I like cisco or netgear. type N (most always backward compatible with b and g) will get you the greatest range, but your wireless cards may use g. You may at that point if connectivity is an issue look at linking a router or upgrading the wireless. I know my cisco router requires passwords, and I usually log on to the guest account with provided password and no problem. How many feet are we talking about, and available for hire I am.
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