Leadtek Winfast A250TD(TI4400) and Max Paynw

First here's my specs:
Asus A7V333WR
AMD Athlon XP 2200+
OCSystem Expeditious Gamer PC2700 Cas2 512mb DDR
LeadTek Winfast A250 TD(TI4400)
Samsung 753DF

And the situation:
Upgraded to detonator 30.82 to try and fix problem. still occurs
Originally had 29.42.

When I go to run Max Payne, Payne logo shows up...Before it goes to graphic option screen, system restarts. No matter what this happens everytime.

Please guide me to a solution
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  1. have you updated max payne? do you know what your temps are?

    Save the trees.. wipe your ass with an owl.
  2. i have max payne 1.05...the latest i believe
    Temps are cpu: 49C/120f mb: 39c/100f

    Thamk you!

    Andrew J. Siegel

    CCNA Certified

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