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When I copy and paste a formula I used to get a formula now excel pastes the result. Teh paste special is restricted so that it will only paste unicode or text
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  1. are you pasting between two different instances of excel?

    if you are, then open the second sheet from file open on the first sheet. Not by starting excel again, or doubling clicking on the file. The precise way to open a file within the same instance, vs as a new instance of excel is a little random.
  2. Thanks for your reply but no it's just on the one excel sheet.

    It started quite recently and sometimes it seems to clear if I switch my computer off and on again.
  3. What version?

    In any case when I want to copy a formula I first put a ' (beside the ENTER key) in front of the equal sign. This converts the formula into a text string. (real old spreadsheet trick)

    Then copy and paste to where you want the formula. Edit as required, both the original and the new cell contents

    edit: Do you get the same restrictive options when copying text as with formulas? (And I see that it is '07 version)
  4. you should be able to just copy and paste the formula.

    Are you using = to create the formula or a shortcut like +, if you use + it does create some slightly stranger behaviour
  5. No I'm using =
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    reinstall excel if you can, its not behaving normally, as you've noted it sometimes works sometimes doesn't
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