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I'm re-formatting my older computer for my wife, installing Win98SE. I've run this before with this OS, and the current hardware config: GeForce 2, SBLive 5.1 and an NIC. I've installed the video card and the NIC OK, and installed DX 81B for 98.
The install routine calls for the physical card install, then cancel out of the new hardware wizard and run the driver install from the CD. The card is never detected by the wizard, although the driver install later appears to find it OK. However, when I get the computer re-booted, I don't hear sound, and the sound card is disabled in DM (disabled by another Windows driver, and can't be re-enabled). I also see no interrupt info, although there are input and output addresses.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be happening here? Could my prior install of DX 8.1B have caused this? I may try another Turtle Beach card I have lying around tomorrow, but would appreciate any leads on this SB card issue if anyone has them.


ABit BE-6, PIII-700, 512M PC-100.
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  1. If you have any other PCI slots, move the sound card to another slot, the 5.1 uses two IRQs, I always got good results by moving it as far from the video card as I could.
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