Reboots on waking from sleep

I have a Lenovo e525 laptop with windows 7 ultimate x64 and a second hard drive where the dvd drive was, when I wake from sleep any of the following can happen:

- It wakes but the screen is dimmed and the brightness buttons don´t work so I have to reboot.

- It wakes to the screen off, I have to reboot.

- It wakes then after up to 30 seconds an error pop up shows and the laptop reboots without shutting down.

- It wakes then after up to a minute it reboots without shutting down.

- It wakes fine and I can use it, 1 out of 10 times.

Incredibly annoying especially on a laptop

Thanks in advance for any ideas, googling only finds me results of people on desktops with lots of usb devices and it's one of those causing the problem which doesn't apply to my situation.
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  1. problem is that sleep rarely works on a laptop... if you search on sleep problems involving laptops... lol laptop sleep problems... i think you may be SOL..

    i had to turn off " wake on LAN" to fix the random waking up from sleep on my desktop...

    remove the second HDD, and see if that solves the problem... maybe WIN7 is thinking that it should be booting off of the second HDD (thinking it is a DVD when it is actually a HDD)

    turn off auto-recognize in WIN7 for everything...

    are your running WIN7 from the second HDD?... perhaps when it wakes up from sleep it is assuming that WIN7 is on the first HDD...
  2. is there an SSD involved anywhere? Have you tried lenovo support?
  3. I've never had sleep fail on a laptop.
  4. Configuration:

    SSD with windows 7

    second mechanical drive in dvd slot

    the second drive also has ubuntu installed on it and because of that grub is on this drive so if I remove the second drive windows would not be able to boot, I had considered maybe using that program that allows you to configure the boot loader from windows but I've forgotten what it is called and also had bad experiences with it in the past
  5. which SSD?
  6. OCZ agility 3 60GB
  7. sandforces struggle with resume from sleep. I ditched mine got a crucial M4.
  8. Ah I had no idea...

    I´ll have to look into it, I really hope that it is a fix as it´s a expensive fix.

    I previously had a agility 2 in it with no problems
  9. yep i've got the 128, there's a slimline version too in case you need 7mm not 9mm thick drives.

    I had a corsair that would blue screen of death me about 15s after waking from sleep (desktop). They couldn't help, got an agreement to an rma, but sold it to a friend instead who didn't care about sleep. Google sandforce resume from sleep issues, i assume you'll find something.
  10. Ok thanks for your help, I´d just put the ocz in my desktop as I never sleep that
  11. if its only a 64, and you're on Z68 you can use it as a cache drive.
  12. update: I flashed the latest firmware and now sleep works perfectly
  13. markholland said:
    update: I flashed the latest firmware and now sleep works perfectly

    The firmware on the laptop or the SDD?
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