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I have a W7 64bit PC with a Verizon FIOS connection.
I connect through a VPN. The company is called GoTrusted. In the past they provided an excellent service, lately its nothing but problems. My connection speed through my FIOS is 50Mbps down and 25 up. When I connect through GoTrusted it drops off the cliff, I mean horrible, like 2Mbps. It was faster a number of months ago, its not any longer.

I'm looking for a better VPN service. Any recommendations? I pay $6/month with no contract which is nice, but if the thing doesnt work nice doesnt matter. I am willing to pay up to $10/month for a service that doesnt suck and doesnt throttle/block traffic.

Any recommendations?
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  1. I just signed up with VPNtraffic for 3 months based on a recommendation on another forum. Pathetic speed.
    Is this the way they all are? Why can my ISP (Verizon FIOS) deliver 50Mbps down and 25 up reliably (and I mean reliably! the connection is always at least 50Mbps down, always!) but a VPN is soooooooooo horrible?
  2. One of the key reason tends to be how far away the site is. To get to this site for example your request has to go all the way to the VPN location, then all the way to tomshardware, back to the VPN location and then back to you. This increase in latency many times will limit your download speeds even if you and the VPN provider have plenty of capacity.

    You want to look for a provider that has very low ping times from your location.

    Then some of these providers limit your rates intentionally. VPN users tend to be power users so even if they had 500m connection that would only let 10 people use it at max speed. You need to read the fine print to see what they promise and if you can buy a better speed.

    The only way to get a reliable connection would be to place your own VPN box in a centrally located hosting center and buy the bandwidth and rack space. It is not super expensive but it much more than $10/month.
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