Does anybody have any experience with Klipsch

I have been trying to e-mail Klipsch for the past few weeks. It seems that they either don't care about repairing my system or they enjoy taking their time. First, I was wondering if anybody has any experience with their customer support. Or if they are neglecting to fix my problem. Here is whats wrong with my system.

I was given an old Klipsch v.2-400. This is the predecessor to the Promedia 4.1. Apparently the person who gave it to me, my grandmother, had a whack power supply from her custom pc from ABSPC. The power supply decided it was time to wreak havoc on her new computer. It destroyed everything and even surged the sound card which probably messed up the amp in the subwoofer of the system. My grandfather then got the grand idea of taking out the fuse and then putting alumninum foil on it and putting it back in the amp. This probably destroyed the amp or messed it up really bad. This also voided the warrenty. So I took the system and thought that klipsch might be able to repair it for about 100-200 bucks. Before I started looking at klipsch for repairing, I took it to my dads company, Sunfire/Carver Corp., and had the engineers look at it. They thought the fuse with foil on it was hilarious. They also said it was beyond help and without the schematics they couldn't fix it. I then tryed to e-mail klipsch, but I guess that they don't really care that much. I only told them that a it may have been damaged from an unstable power supply. Oh well, does anyone recommend any amplifiers that are similar to BASH that could be put in the system. Is it worth getting it repaired? Or should i go with a logitech Z-560 or whatever. Also, is their a way to grab stupid klipsch's attention? I am getting my computer together within a month and I want to have a sound system for it.

Thanks for any suggestions or input.
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  1. Your gradparents must have done a lot of drugs in the '60's! :smile: It sounds like it might not be worth the money/aggravation to even get those things fixed. You might have to wait weeks just to get parts for it. Klipsch is a German company after all. It'll probably cost you $50 just to have an authorized Klipsch repair shop to look at it.

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  2. Ok 50 bucks huh. You wouldn't happen to know any klipsch authorized repair shops would you? I mean ones that are nation wide or international. Heck, maybe even Best Buy could do it. Or, I could take it to a computer or stereo shop. Dunno what to do yet.

    Thanks for responding.
  3. I found this link:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    These guys are located in New York City. If you live close to NYC, it might be worth it to drop by. Otherwise, you might want to call them and explain your situation. If they have an idea on how much to fix/ship your speakers, that might be the thing to do. Or, maybe they know of an authorized Klipsch repair shop near you. Either way, good luck.

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  4. Wow, Sweet!! Thanx alot. I am about two hours north of NYC. I live in New Milford, CT. My parents both work in NYC so hopefully one of them can drop it off or something. You have no idea how much i appreciate this. Hopefully these will sound good with an audigy.

    Thanks again.
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