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I have looked over multiple forums and have never actually found a tailored solution for my needs.
Anyway, the way I have been getting internet is with a ralink 3070 wifi card mounted onto a copper antenna. The cable that is run is USB, so it connects to my desktop "server." The desktop has no other use then supplying my wireless router with internet connectivity. The antenna picks up an internet signal from my friend (I have ok'ed it with him) across the street. The computer is using a network bridge to link the wifi adapter to the router. The computer is running XP, and I really don't care if it can connect to the internet, or that it has to stay on. The server doesn't actually use ICS because ICS doesn't seem to actually work...

Anyway, the ethernet cable is run to a router in which I have disabled DHCP.
This works... for about 3 hours. Then I have to manually refresh the servers network connection and unplug the router... it is a real pain. This is the setup I would like to use... I reall don't want to use anything else, I don't have any money at all, and I can't plug the ethernet cable into a LAN socket, I have to use WAN because my friend doesn't want to see all of my devices on his LAN.

Any help would be appreciated,
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  1. What exactly stops working? You weren’t specific. Do you just lose the wireless signal/connection, or is the signal still going strong but the system just breaks down in some other way, maybe can’t download a file or surf for some unknown reason?

    If I understand the architecture correctly, I see nothing inherently wrong w/ the design. In fact, ICS would be an unnecessary burden if you already have your own router. And using the router’s WAN is more than just keeping your machines off his network; it's about keeping your machines behind your own private network.

    The only thing I don't quite understand is disabling the DHCP server on your own router, since you typically need it for your own local wired/wireless clients. Also, if this isn’t already the case, you need to make sure you and the neighbor use different networks (e.g., if he's using 192.168.1.x, then perhaps make yours 192.68.2.x, or 10.0.0.x, or whatever).

    I have no idea if any of the above is related to your immediate problem, but it's best to be sure we have the architecture down pat, just to eliminate the possibility, however remote.

    For all I know, you're just losing the wifi signal between you and the neighbor over time. Because once things are configured and working, they don't suddenly become UN-configured over 3 hours. Something else seems to be wrong.

    What kinds of signal strength are you getting? Is it line of sight? How far? Is it 3 hrs like clockwork, or does it vary quite a bit more? Have you tried using a directional antenna? Or even creating a cheap one for basically nothing (search YouTube for Windsurfer).
  2. Hi sorry for the response time,

    My network just seems to stop, i cant figure it out, and i cant get it down to a single problem... Sometimes if i reset the router it works, sometimes i have to reboot the server... it makes no sense to me either. The signal strength is 4 bars +, but i do notice that the server will switch to another nearby signal every day or so requiring a manual reset...

    I have changed the default gateway to as to avoid interference with the other router... is it a NAT problem? i still have it enabled...

    Also the antenna is a directional yagi, it works off of LOS, but does quite well as an omnidirectional antenna. It happens at random times, but it seems like it does it most under network traffic, mostly when i upload stuff, or when i connect/disconnect a device.
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