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I just upgraded from Firefox 3 to Firefox 12. I immediately noticed my ping times went up by 5 to 10. I reinstalled the old version to check and it went back down. Does anyone know why this is? Is there something I should change? It's not a major thing but as an online gamer I get very concerned with ping's changing.

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  1. Ok, you make it sound like you can actually tell the difference between 5ms and 10ms ping without using a test of some sort, which I am sceptical of.

    What did you do to test ping? Browser based ping test is not reliable. Use ping domain on command prompt.
  2. While I agree 10ms difference isn't a big deal but I can't understand why it would test worse by upgrading to a newer version of Firefox and when I installed the older version the ping tested better again.
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    The ping test on the internet are Java or Flash based. If you are using different browser (or even a different version of browser), and if a different engine is used to render the Java or Flash content, then there is be a difference.

    Browser based ping test are only indicative. You should use the ping domain on command prompt.
  4. That makes perfect sense. I asked on the Firefox forums and that is exactly how it was explained. FF12 just deals with Java in a different way and is very Java/Flash based. Guess we learn something new. So I'm upgrading to 12 and not worrying about these things since 12 is far more secure than 3. Thanks Pyree!
  5. Just in case you haven't find out how to do ping test on command prompt, type this:

    ping "domain"

    The domain is a web page of your choice e.g.

    However, I wouldn't recommend you use tom's hardware for testing ping (unless it is one of your most frequently visited website). You want to ping to your game server for gaming performance, ping your closest ISP server for minimum internet ping, ping router for minimum ping, and ping your list of most frequent visit website and average them for realistic internet ping.
  6. That's great actually. I think I'll be pinging everything I know. Thanks!
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