WRT54gs , disconnected and reconnected, cant browse internet

Hello this is my first post,
So i have wrt54gs, firmware talisman 1.1 router.
The problem i experience begun recently, never had it before.
My dad plays on xbox while i play on PC, well me and him simultaneously get disconnected and reconnected to the video games.
And its hell of annoying, after long working day to not be able play your favorite video game...
i tried to search for the problem but the webpages took at least 5-10 minutes to load up(thats on my PC) i went to my laptop which is connected wireless to router and i was able to browse internet.

I did ping to google and i had few packet lose.

So whats your answer people?
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  1. hm
  2. nobody knows anything?
  3. you guys really helpful
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