Administraor access denied lost all restore points message says no restore point

I need BIG help. I wouldn't go so far to say, I'm totally computer illiterate, but not far from it.. If there's anyone out there, who's up for a challenge PLEASE HELP!!
I'm running windows 7. I am the administrator. Someone I don't trust at all, used my PC a while back. After he (did whatever he did) I noticed I couldn't access several files. I get a "access denied" or you don't have permission to view this file, owner info etc.. I can see a lot of the files, but their either empty now or I can't view them. I have used restore many times in the past, but now I get a message " no restore points".. I don't know what he did, or if he did anything.. It could be one of my kids changed properties by mistake, before I wised up and created a basic user acct w/ limited access for them.. I almost forgot. When I go into file properties there is a red x by my user name (administrator) Not in every property, but several.. Sometimes there is a red x by other user names, as well, but mostly mine.. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! OH and I should mention, my back up disk has just disappeared somehow!!
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  1. You can install the hard drive as a second drive on a functional computer.
    You can recover your files and back them up, using a second computer.
    You then reformat the drive entirely, or bulk erase the drive.
    Reload the operating system from scratch and replace your backed up files.
    OR have a computer shop do it for you...about $200.

    After that, DO NOT load any more "free" programs into your computer, which is what I am thinking your KIDS did to you. They probably loaded "free" games, or "free" music, or other garbage, which corrupted your drive.
  2. or you could just take ownership of the folder....
  3. If the Admin permissions are corrupted then you probably should re-install the OS. I don't know an easy, non techie way to restore security permissions to an account. +1 to what soundguruman mentioned above.
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