UGGH! Help me find a better Wireless Adapter to pair with E2500 Router

UGGH. I just rememembered how much I hate shopping for wireless networking parts. OR I go about it wrong. Either way, I need a little help here. I just built a nice PC system that has a powerful Intel i7-2700k processor in it, and the system itself is fast. Extremely fast. My wireless connection? Not so good.

A while ago my dad bough the "Belkin Basic Wireless Adapter" for one of our PCs but after 2-3 years he can't get it to work. So he gave it to me to try and fix. After an hour of wasted time on the phone with Belkin, the agents hung up on me while on hold. They were very augmentative too. Needless to say, no more Belkin. I went over to my local MicroCenter and got bombarded by a guy who insisted that this Tenda unit was the one for me. I brought it home and it was a horror. I got it to install, but it was giving me a 1 bar on my system that isn't too far from the router (it does go through numerous walls). In comparison, my laptop typically (same spot) has a 4 of 5 bar in my room, with an occasional dropdown to 3 bar. Sometimes it even has 5. Needless to say, the 1 bar connection didn't make me very happy and was extremely slow. EXTREMELY. I tried getting on their support website from my computer. Took 2 minutes to load (which btw, Since when do companies hand us their "cn" link?). Couldn't bare it, even timed out a few times as well. I couldn't deal with it, so I grabbed the contact us slip from the box and called the 1-800 number. It said that that number was down or did not exist (I typed it accurately). I just don't want to deal with this company after that. They can join Belkin on my not-so-favorite list.

Anyways, I need some quick help deciding a better wireless adapter for my desktop. Cheap $25 budget (pref under $20 though) While I prefer USBs, I could do PCI as well. Below is the place I am returning from so I'd like to buy there again. Can someone recommend me a product to get of these that is in the price range specified? It will be working with my E2500 router, if that means anything. (Please, no Tenda or Belkin!)

Thanks guys! You are all as helpful as always!

(PS: If MicroCenter doesn't have anything, I'm fine shopping at Walmart or Target if they have anything or more preferably Newegg)
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