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I want to make three OS Bootup. How do I go about doing this. Win 98 win xp Pro and Linux

All I m use to now is Win 98. I just got win xp pro. And looking to down load Linux.
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  1. The first thing that you will need to look at is wheather you currently have the extra unused space on your hard drive. If it is formatted for win 98 accross your entire hard drive, you will have to either dump your current installation and start over with at least 3 partitions or buy a new hard drive and put XP and Linux on that drive. If you have had your ,puter for a while, that is probably the best option as you wont lose anythiung and 98 is already stable on your system. Assuming that you do that all you will need is to insert the XP install disk into the cd(Make the cd bootable in the bios) and let the computer boot. XP will automatically detect the fact that 98 is there and will set the boot loader up to ask you what you want to run when you turn it on. As far a Linux goes let that operating system set up the 3rd partition that it will be using. I think the newer versions of Linux include a boot loader so that you will have a selection of three operating systems to choose from when you turn it on. If not there are many 3rd party boot manager programs to choose from that will detect which op. systems you have and set them up. Im sure someone else will read this post and add to this and will tell you which boot loaders they have the most success with. For the most part it is fairly important to have 98 loaded first as it does not recognize operating systems newer than itself.

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  2. or you could use partition magic to create 2 new partitions.

    anyway, once you have organised the drive, its very easy to triple boot the os's you mention- install 98, xp, linux in that order and all will go fine, xp will create a boot loader that allows you to choose between 98 and xp, then linux will create a lilo that allows you to choose between linux, or windows.

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  3. I m not worried about space I have 160gigs of hard drive space. I was going to partion the drives as followed.
    C windows xp 20 gigs
    D windows 98 20 gigs
    E Linux 15 gigs
    F Linux 5 gigs
    G Space 20

    H Space 20
    I Mirrored 10 Windows 98 After main Drivers installed
    J Mirrored 10 Windows xp After Main Drivers installed
    K Mirrored 10 Linux After Main drivers Installed
    L Mirrored 5 Linux
    M 25 space
    So if I have problems with any of the windows or Linux I can copy it back.
    I m going to find out how I m going to do the mirrored drives.
  4. I think if it was me then I'd put 98 on C: and XP on D, anyway, how are you going to mirror 98? or do you have a hardware raid controller?, if you do, im not sure how this would affect linux.

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  5. I think if it was me then I'd put 98 on C: and XP on D, anyway, I dont see how you are going to mirror 98 98 doesnt support miroring (not sure if xp does either but it might, 2k does but only on ntfs volumes- on SEPERATE DRIVES), either way, its totally pointless mirroring onto the same physical drive, the whole point of mirroring is incase of a physical drive failiure, unless of course you dont mean mirroring as in mirroring, but just a way to backup a working partition, if thats the case, norton ghost can do that for you.

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  6. No raid on my system. Just two 80 gig hard drives. Mybe when I get the Amd Sleghammer chip I will get a raid if they make it with that setup. I'm already looking into software to Mirror drives. I already have System Commander for running More then one OS system.
  7. Here the deal on the Mirrioring of the drives. Lets say a virus hit your windows and no program can fix it. you can format that partion and then copy back the mirrored windows to the drive and your set. Or do you like the idea of installing windows 30 min then Drivers 1 hour then updates 1 hour. Then software another few hours. even with my old hard drives I never use my full 33 gigs. So I dont think I will use all the 160 gigs.
  8. so basically, you are going to IMAGE you os's with something such as ghost? this is different from what is normally referred to as miroring.

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  9. That why I have two differnt drives. Two 80 gigs Drives. And a 20 gig and a 13 gig. I might partion the 20 gig into two 10s and Mirrror both Windows xp and win 98 on them. And take it off so there are no errors.
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