How to change 32bit into 64bit windows 7 home basic

sir i have just buyied lg laptop, it is preloaded with windows 7 home basic. the taskbar comes translucent and can see back side it is 64 bit w 7 nd 64 bit is loaded but not running on 32 bit. please help me...........
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  1. I have no idea what are you trying to say...
  2. see windows taskbar settings in your native language on the net
  3. Try again in English, please.
  4. i want to say that my laptop have windows7 64 bit but it is still running on 32 bit. 64bit contains translucent taskbar (can see behind from taskbar) but there is no option to change 32 bit os into 64 bit os. help me how to change
  5. if you got win 7 64 install then the system work on 64,for the taskbar look under the property if aero box is check
  6. What your saying doesn't make sense. Your operating system is either 32 bit or 64 bit. There is no changing between them. The transparent task bar and such is the Aero theme, and is totally unrelated to which version of Windows you have. It exists in both 32 bit and 64 bit.
  7. then how can i change my old theme into aero theme. please tell me how to change it, full steps to change....
  8. Plenty of info on how to do it here, just waiting for you to look for it.
  9. Windows 7 basic doesn't come stock standard with aero transparency.. you can tweek it but after all it is windows 7 basic??
  10. Yes, Windows 7 Home Basic doesn't have Aero.
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