Happili Redirect virus?

For the past week or so my brothers computer, which is the main one in the house and the one im using, has been having this weird redirect from google to happili. it happens with every browser we have except Comodo Dragon (which is what i use). i noticed that it happens more chrome, then firefox. i don't use internet explorer so i haven't seen anything there.

I've ran TDSS killer and found nothing, I've ran malware bytes and found nothing, I've ran Microsoft Security Essentials and found a couple of java exploits and AVG only finds the keygen i have.

I dont know what is causing it, i checked the host file and its normal.

what do Toms? I really want to remove this virus PLZ help bros.

EDIT: i dont know if this helps but it happened shortly after i installed Dragon Nest on firefox. right after i installed Dragon Nest i found Yontoo layers installed on all the browsers and so was the facebook zoom.
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  2. thanks stig. from the looks of it i think my brother will have to do a clean install which he might not want to do. good thing i already have all my stuff backed up. but this computer has needed a fresh install for a while though.

    thank you mr. stig i owe you one.
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