Xbox360 and PS3 games are now pre-orderable at EBX

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( Ship Dates all 11/1/2005 )
( Ship dates all 05/01/2006)

All prices $59.99

Ship dates and prices are subject to change of course.

They guarantee the lower retail price if the price falls before
shipment. However, EBX is mute on the obvious price-rise

Since the maximum price of a Xbox/PS2 game is $50, seems as
if the cost of new-gen computer-gaming has just inflated by 20%. Rumor
has it that some Xbox360 and PS3 games will actually go to $80 -- the
developers must recover that higher development cost somehow
from an initially very small user-base.......

And the captive nature of the console games will lock in high
used-game prices ( generally just $5-$10 less than new) until the
budget versions come out a year or so after initial release.

I think I shall stick with my less-expensive PC gaming. If I upgrade
my PC to faster or dual-processor etc, I can use that facility to
speed up my professional programs too, most of which support
multiprocessor functionality.

And on the console hardware...............

It will be very interesting indeed to see whether the Xbox360
makes Thanksgiving 2005 ( presumably only available in the US
during 2005 ), since no real Xbox360 hardware whatsoever
was at E3. A nice fat rabbit to pull out of the hat in five and a half
months.... without any hardware or firmware bugs... Any critical
in-warranty operational flaw failure and M$$ will have to eat the
complete new-replacement cost - I personally would not accept
an unknown-source recycled-return and like many others, would
purchase a 1-2yr. replacement-warranty on anything with
technology implementation as immature as the first shipments
of the Xbox360 or PS2.

BTW, the Xbox360 may be the first device to introduce active water
(or fluid) cooling of electronic-components to the masses -- another
good reason for a long-term replacement warranty. The PS3 will also
require a radical cooling solution, the Cell-CPU and GPU (300 million
transistors on a 90nm process) will both get just as hot as their
latest brethren in a modern high-performance-graphics PC.

John Lewis
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    Why on earth are you newbie kiddies telling a PC group?
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