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Ok. here it is. in my house we currently have a ps3, 2 xbox's, a wii, 4 iphones, 2 pc's, a laptop, an apple tv, and 2 android tablets running off one internet connection. In my room, i have my PC, my xbox, and my apple tv. as you can imagine, my internet is painfully slow, although we have the fastest available from our provide (7mb per second i believe) running wired is fine but theres no way of me being able to do that. How could i go about setting up a second private network for my devices only? i would want to run my apple tv, pc, phone and xbox off of the connection. without it being as painfully slow as my home network. i was thinking perhaps an airport extreme, and running it off of my router. oppinions?
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  1. Any wireless access point should get the job done. Hard wire it to the main router, and set up the DHCP address ranges properly so you don't end up with IP collisions between the two routers.
  2. If the bottleneck is the 7mbs from your ISP then isolating your devices on another network will do nothing unless you pay for another connection from your ISP. If your local network is the bottleneck, then I would upgrade the wireless router.
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