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I have a sales rep who connect to hotel's wifi. his windows 7 Dell E6420 laptop connects to it but when he launches IE it immediately comes up with page cannot be displayed. But when he attemps to type in it then goes to the hotels page and it finally connect and his laptop is now online and I can confirm it when his computer shows up in logmein. We do have two pages that load in IE when it is launched. One changes to the real URL that our company uses. So if I type in one url it changes i nthe browser to the right one. Is this causing the issue? I don't know why it is not automaically redirecting to the hotel's page. It has happened at a couple of hotels.

We had the laptop connected to the wifi at work and it connected no problem nor does there seem to be an issue at the rep's wireless home network which is uses the apple router though not sure which one.
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  1. The issue is that all hotels that I am aware of require you to first go to their page to agree to the terms of use every 24 hours and often to input a password or other code on their page. Once that is done, most will allow direct Internet access until the 24 hour lease period expires.
  2. We'd really need to know more about those URLs and the redirects. Just not enough information to explain the behavior.
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