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I ve asus p4s133-vm M/b ,sis 650 chipset,1 agp 3 pci 2 dimm slots,P4 1700 mhz ,512 mb ram, XFX GF4 mx440 .I ve installed Lan card 10/100 in 1st pci , modem 56 k in 2nd pci but when i install the creative vibra128 in last pci slot(3rd) my m/b doesn't boot.It gives one long + 3 short beeps.Although its irq in bios is set to auto.i ve tried reordering the cards but it doesn't help.
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  1. I think that's the beep code for no video? Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. It sounds like an IRQ conflict between the soundcard and video card. If that slot shares an IRQ with the AGP slot, your only option is to use a different slot.

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