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My computer runs single player games at nice FPS, yet it runs MMORPGs like Wow, SWTOR, Tera, The Secret World, and GW2 at bad laggy FPS even though CPU and GPU usage aren't capped out. Instead of just blaming my computer, I want to take a look at my network

I use Comcast, 23.6up 3.6down - and when they set it up they gave me a "Motorola SURFboard SB5101U USB Cable Modem" which I never realized until today that I'm paying $7 a month to rent it. WTF, a low grade cheap walmart USED modem

The router I used is now 1 year old: NETGEAR - Wireless-N Router Model: WNR2000-100NAS SKU: 8998506

My gaming computer is connected to the router Wired, and then there are 4 laptops connected wirelessly.

Is the modem Comcast gave me a huge piece of junk and impossible to online game on? I feel like I'd be better in the long run buying an expensive modem. Is there any way to test my modem is working properly? My moms laptop used to always lose connection until I unplugged it for a minute.

Is this $50 router (Was $100 when I bought it) good enough for MMORPGs or should I buy one marketed as a "gaming" router?

I'm going to take a look at my Router settings page because I'm pretty sure I don't have Wireless N set up yet, and my QoS settings are disabled.
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  1. Try speedtest.net. If your speeds are good, it is probably your PC. The modem they provided you should be sufficient.

  2. My speeds on there are great n' all, but is it possible that my router settings have something enabled that's crippling online gaming?

    Only thing I really manually did was change the Wireless settings to keep neighbors out and my family in

    I never messed with the routers firewall, security, and priority settings. The QoS thing only has old games like Warcraft 3, quake, Counter Strike, AOL instant messenger, and useless stuff I don't use. I don't want to try any port forward every single online game I play -.-
  3. You shouldn't need to port forward every port. If your router supports UPnP (Universal Plug N Play), be sure it's enabled. If the game is UPnP aware (I think most are these days), it should automatically have the router open the necessary ports for you, then close them after the game is shut down. If your router has SPI (stateful packet inspection), then disabling it should make things faster. The disadvantage is if you disable SPI, then your network security won't be as good. You can disable SPI and see if it helps. You can always re-enable SPI when you're not gaming.

    Also, remember a speed test usually indicates fast speeds because the speed test servers aren't usually under a heavy load where as game servers are usually maxed out on the number of clients that it can handle. In other words, more network congestion. You may just need to find a closer server or a better server.
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