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Where could one obtain a replacement Flex ATX 200 W power supply for the new Shuttle barebones SS51G system? All I could find out was that it is made by ACHME from looking at some pictures. No distributor appears to exist in the USA. It looks like the kind of thing that would be first to fail and this would not be the first time I have replaced a power supply.
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  1. www.caseoutlet.com

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  2. Thank you for the reference. I checked their website and even called but the Flex ATX power supplies available even after a google search turned up nothing. The back of the power supply where the AC connector, fan and screw holes are is "non standard" (if there is a standard) and does not match the ACHME units. I cancelled my order for the Shuttle Flex ATX barebone system based on the lack of replacement parts that seem to be available.
  3. A very valid point, right now I'm looking into buying a slightly more powerful PSU for it anyway, I'll let you know if I find any suitable replacements, meantime any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. The "Flex ATX" is a modified standard that came out in 97. It never really caught on (as you can tell). 97 also saw the "microATX" which didn't catch on either. But both of these use the standard ATX plug and were designed for the slim-line (desktops/towers) models so you should be able to put in a standard ATX power supply. Or even the SFX (slimline models) or WTX (tower models) power supplies. Hope this helps!

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  5. I found a couple micro ATX power supplies though I'm not sure if they will fit in the Shuttle ss51g. (They were on pricewatch for cheaper - www.pricewatch.com - search for microATX power supply) Good luck!

    <A HREF="http://www.microtechcomputers.com/product.asp?Sku=150MATX" target="_new"> www.microtechcomputers.com </A>

    <A HREF="http://www.directron.com/enp2120d.html" target="_new"> www.directron.com</A>

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