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Hello everyone! I need some help with something that's been nagging me for some time and haven't been able to find many answers for it.

I am going to be getting a desktop, plus there will be 3 laptops in the house. Now I want to have the internet connected right to the desktop (not getting a wireless card for the desktop) but also allow a wireless connection to the laptops. I don't know if getting a wireless router through my ISP provider is the way to go or to just stay with a standard modem and buy my own wireless router?

I tried to do that a few years back but for some reason only the desktop got internet and the wireless router wouldn't allow other computers to connect to it, if I unplugged it from the desktop it would give wireless capabilities again. I'm not sure if I screwed up, compatibility issues with modem & wireless router or what.

Any help will be much appreciated!

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  1. Always buy your own wireless router whenever possible. If the ISP provides it, it's mostly likely a single/combo device (modem+router) and that's often very limiting. I have no idea what your previous problems may have been, but all modern routers are designed to work well w/ cable/dsl modems. It's all very standardized. That's doesn't mean no one will ever run into problems from time to time, but in most cases, they just work.
  2. Always buy your own wireless router < I agree , they are usually combo and not the best performing models.
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