Is WiFi terribad, or just mine?

I decided to see how my WiFi would stack up against my Cat6 ethernet cable. I subscribe to Comcast's 20 mb/s connection.

My results (upload speeds omitted; no significant difference):
1. 9.8 mb/s
2. 11.4 mb/s
3. 11.9 mb/s
1. 23.4 mb/s
2. 19.8 mb/s
3. 21.3 mb/s

Router model: NETGEAR WPN824v2
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  1. It could be worth changing your wireless security key to make sure you aren't sharing your bandwidth with an unknown neighbour. Test again after a day or two.

  2. My router was projecting a wireless during both series of tests. So I don't think it is that. And using shows that my devices are the only ones connected.

  3. Glad to hear that - just me being suspicious and over-cautious as usual. Something must be throttling the speed - what sort of wireless adapter are you using? If the router is an N standard and the adapters are only capable of B and G, it would explain a thing or two but I'm sure you already checked that one..

  4. According to the data sheet here, it is b/g.
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