Bought a new laptop with only windows 7 basic, can i download office 2007

any comments and help would be appreciated

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  1. office 2007 will install on basic (perhaps not starter).

    You can either buy the disk version, from many stores (amazon etc.) or buy the electronic version from Microsoft themselves.
  2. MS Office usually doesnt come installed on laptops... and if it is its just a demo that expires after a certain period of time. You can purchase MS Office from various retailers or you can download and use Libre Office for free instead:
  3. I thought Open Office was the number 1, free MS Office compatible suite.
  4. yup go ahead.
    Dont u have office starter already installed in ur laptop.
    Dont u have any link like better deal for office directly from Microsoft.
  5. Hi :)

    The Office trial on most new laptops will last for precisely 60 DAYS or 40 USES ...

    Then you have to buy it or it stops working...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. Openoffice is owned by Sun Microsystems but is free and good. Libreoffice is completely open source, free, and will be supported better than openoffice. I recommend Libre.
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