Installed a new Harddrive, now I can't burn.

I've been burning a lot of cd's the past few months, and not a problem. However, was out of cd's for a while and got a 100 pack of Verbatim's at Sam's. Out of 25 cd's only 2 burned successfully. I tried one of my old memorex cd-rw's, and it burned fine, and I tried another friends cd (some generic one) and it burned fine. I burned them right after the ones that failed. I'm not multitasking or anything. So I return the Verbatim and went to pick up a 50 pack of Fuji Film cd-rs on sale at target (the TY cd's). I've tried ten so far and all of them have burned unsuccessfully. Audio, Data and even Image Files, I am having trouble with all of them. I find it tough to imagine that after having no trouble at all I have managed to pick a just bad cd's, but I don't know, so I have come here to seek help.

My cd-rw burner is an AOpen 1232A, and my OS is Windows XP Professional. The only thing that has changed with my computer would be the fact that I added another HD, but it is not even the one that Nero was on (I had it partitioned before, so even the Drive letter stayed the same). My burning program is Nero and I even tried updating Nero, which still did not resolve my problem.

So before i put in the new harddrive my system was:
C: HardDrive
D: Harddrive (partitioned from C)
E: DVD-Rom
F: Burner

Now its:
C: Harddrive (non partitioned)
D: New Harddrive
E: DVD-Rom
F: Burner

The hard drives are on the same IDE and nothing has been added to the IDE that the dvd-rom and burner are on, so nothing has been changed internally with them. And I have a 350 watt power supply with a 1.3 AMD, which should be plenty. I'm running out of things to look for.

I'm in the middle of a one week class, so I guess at weeks end I'll format. This burner is just over a year old and was going great, do you guys think it's hardware?

The error that is put out to a log file on nero stated:

SCSI not using temporary buffers
20 out of 20 temporary buffers allocated

I have set it to automaticaly control the buffers, which is the same as it has always been.

any ideas?
any help would be much appreciated.
Sorry it's so long I tried to include all I could.
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  1. If you're trying to burn from the slave hardrive to the burner you could run into a problem if the hardrives are running at different rpm speeds, before you made the change you were just running one drive partitioned and it didn't have a problem, but if your new setup is for example, an ATA 66, with an ATA 100, or a 5200rpm and a 7200rpm, you will run into a bottleneck trying to burn CDs. You may consider this setup and at least give it a try, Primary IDE Master(main hardrive), Slave(DVD ROM), Secondary IDE, Master(CDRW), Slave(2nd hardrive)
  2. Sometimes Color does matter! The color of your cd matter based upon how they diffuse/reflect the laser. Understand that a dvd laser is tighter than a standard cd, so sometimes you get problems based on how the laser is reflected or not reflected. Verify what color your blank cds are, between the ones that work and those that haven't. I would say that installing a new hdd has little influence on "burning", you would have more conflict errors than just burning.

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