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I'm about to build a new computer. I'm getting a Maxtor 80G HD but I still want to use my old 11G for other files. I'm purchasing a MSI 845G mobo.

The question is, what is RAID and would this allow me to slave my 11G HD to my 80G? I thought I read somewhere that in RAID I would have to have my HDs the same and that is would store everything twice.


Should I purchase the adapter(which is running about $50) instead that will allow me to attached up to four more IDEs?

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  1. Raid comes in several forms, but basically what allof em do is take several drives and make it look like one (so u can go for speed or redundancy for security, or both). If u use ur 11gig, the raid will make the other hdd 11gig (it truncates the other space) and thus it'd be pointless. Just buy the controller card.

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  2. RAID will do nothing for you with those drives. But I'll sell you a new Promise TX100 Ultra ATA controller card for only $20!

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  3. As everyone else has said, yes get the PCI card because a raid controller card would be useless to you at this point. The only reason why you would need to get a raid controller card is if you have 2 identicle hd's. Otherwise it would be truncated to the lower size.

    Raid has different types of levels, 0, 1 0+1. You can find more information on that stuff all over the place. If you think you might wan to upgrade to RAID later maybe you should get a mobo that has onboard RAID because you can usually disable it and ues it as normal ide channels until you are ready to use the raid system.

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