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I recently switched from wireless connection to a normal one because i had speed issues with my internet but since then i can download just fine, even faster than before, but my computer seems to be unable to upload any data on the internet. I mean i go on skype and talk to my friends but when i have to upload a .jpg or i want to send somebody a message with bigger content than 5 KB it just keeps uploading but does nothing. I searched for virus and even disabled my firewall but it doesn't seem to work.
Thanks for help in advance
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  1. Is the only issue on Skype? Need more detail, where else can't you upload files to?

    Did you talk to your ISP? If not, do.
  2. nope, i can't upload to facebook or to torrents neither. i haven't contacted the ISP they're only willing to help for money and i should have to wait a month till they would come to have a look at it. they don't have helpdesk either. so they're not helpful at all
  3. If you have a current service with your ISP they should not be charging you for support. And how can they not have a helpdesk? Where are you getting your internet connection from? I'd switch.
  4. they have helpdesk but the helpdeskers know less than me so whatever. but any idea about the problem exactly? other computers can get upload from the same router so it must be some settings but i can't get to figure what is it.
  5. Try a different port or ethernet cable. If you switch back to wireless does it work?
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