Use TV as extended monitor, wirelessly?

I have a sony bravia tv that has wifi and supports dlna. And I have a desktop in another room, running windows xp.
Since they both connected to the same network, is it possible to use the tv as another screen for the pc?( duplicate the screen, whatever i do on the pc will be shown on the tv screen)
I'm installing a software that might stream content from the pc to the tv, but then i'm not hoping too much on it because the tv seems to be very picky about fCPUile formats... so i figured somehow duplicating the screen would be best
if all else fails i'll just hook up the CPU to the TV :D
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    You can't wirelessly connect the TV as a monitor, those features are coming to consumers over the next couple of years but not yet. If you cannot stream the content successfully, you will need to make a cable connection to the PC.
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