Why won\'t control panel let me make new accounts

I want to make a new account on my computer but when I go into the control panel and type something in an error code pops up saying the name isn't valid because it contains /\[]":;|<>+=,?* when my name really doesn't. I have tried many different things and none have worked.
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  1. have you check for viruses?
  2. Yes I have. This has happened almost immediately after i bought the laptop.
  3. so basically it's fairly new, right? try reinstalling windows
  4. I am not real tec smart where do i find that option?
  5. your recently purchased laptop should come with a windows cd and a drivers cd for that laptop. It should say the version of your windows you have.

    Before even putting the cd in you must first go in to bois{ hit the delete i believe} and head into boot priorities and change Cd drive to first and Then you can pop in the cd. and press F10 and press enter.
  6. ok thank you.
  7. tell me how it goes.
  8. you cannot use those character when you want to create another user account windows do not allow to use them
  9. It should say the version of your windows you have.
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