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Dlink router device device monitoring(HELP!)

Im wondering how Dlink (Dir 615 N300) routers monitors the devices connected. Does it show their current session,duration etc...? and how can this be reset? i was thinking dcing my self and reconnecting would renew the connection for the person monitoring.

My problem now is my dad is limiting my internet time and I would like to know how he can tell how long I've been on and what other info he gets. I know you may think I'm just a kid who had no life and a rebel to the parents all day, but in reality im not really i get straights As at school and do almost everything they tell me. I think they are crossing the line by limiting the time I get online to socialize with my friends as i do that for quite some bit everyday. Anyway don't tell me to negotiate with them...they are not reasonable parents.
(basically anything to bypass him monitoring me to determine if i go over the time limit(he is not using mac or ip filter)

Anyways i just want to snatch my self about 1-2 more hours everyday. Any information would be appreciated greatly.
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    Asking for help bypassing security, for any reason, is forbidden in these forums. You won't get any help here.
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