Frustrated wireless connectivity issue

Sisters comp with Windows 7 64bit will not connect to comcast internet at her home

We tested her comp at my house and it connects just fine online

However at her house with the comcast modem/router combo it will not connect, the modem/router combo is hardwired to a desktop running windows vista.

I have taken 3 wireless devices of my own ( 1 laptop 2 phones) over to her house and they connect just fine

I have power cycled the modem/router multiple times and made sure her wireless is on (FN +F2)

Stuck because her comp will connect at my house, but not at her house, but I can connect other wireless devices at her house with no issue!

So what could be the issue with her comp not being able to hook up at her house? Is it a comcast issue, or something with her comp??

Also have tried disabling firewalls and turning off the virus protection, did not work either
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  1. So is her desktop using wire or wireless? If it has both wired and wireless capabilities, is the problem limited to one or the other, or affects both?
  2. Her desktop is using wired and that comp works just fine, its just her laptop that can't seem to connect. Her laptop finds the wireless in her home and tries to connet but fails everytime.
    Also on her desktop, the router map shows that it is finding her laptop as well, however the laptop will still not connect
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