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what disk recovery software do you use?

good article in all.. though i actually additionally carry a full regalia of rg-6 cable lengths, connectors, and a crimp wrench for cable modem problems. also, for media, i carry various audio cables, jacks, and a pair of headphones to test. finally, i've added a working svga cable to the mix, and might soon add a dvi cable. i'd put in a printer cable, except they almost NEVER seem to break, even after some pretty serious abuse.

have you considered making bootable cd's out of all your floppy boot diagnostics? i've done one or two and i've liked it alot because everything works much faster when its loaded off of cd. of course, you cant write anything to cd (yet, working on cdrw idea).

lastly, i've been very interested in some firewire hardware mainly for a reliable disk connection for swaps, backups. its seems to work well for laptops, since many have firewire connection.

thanks, please post about the disk recovery software.

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  1. Hey I found one at the bottom of this <A HREF="" target="_new">link</A> that you can download. I never had to use disk recovery and hope I'll never need to, even if its on someone else's system.

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