Need to make my wifi reach further.

As the title says, I've got a house in my backyard that isn't in range of the wireless router. (house is on my property, not a neighbor or anything.)

Anyhow, the wireless router is in the front of the real house and the entire house is wired. Is there a device I can wire to the room closest to the outside house that will give me internet out there?

A repeater? a switch, anything that i can put inside wired that will let me run a gaming computer/devices outside.
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  1. If the backyard_house isn't in range of the router then chances are the repeater wouldn't be in range either.

    Just an idea, you could wire another access point in your main house (we'll call this AP2). Use one with a directional antenna and put it in a location within the main house that is closest to the backyard_house. Preferably at a window.

    Then add a repeater to the backyard_house. Face the AP2 directional antenna directly at the repeater. Then backyard_house devices can be connected to the repeater for network access.
  2. Here's a pic to better describe what I said.
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